WAMP is a perfect development environment for a PHP web developer

WAMP5 is a software package installer for Windows. It installs a complete WAMP solution on your computer to help users in developing and using PHP projects on their local computer. WAMP stands for: Windows - Apache - MySQL- PHP5. WAMP5 automatically configures all these components to work together, wherever you install them on your local drive.
The software that is installed is: Apache 2.0.x. PHP 5.x.x MySQL 5.x.x PHPmyadmin SQLitemanager Wampserver service manager.
WAMP5 comes with a service manager as an icon in the tray. This manager will allow you to fully control your server and local projects. WAMP5 is not designed for production but as a development environment. With WAMP5, you will be able to create your scripts locally on your computer, test them and then upload them on your production server. Apache and MySQL servers have been configured with default configuration files to have the most standard platform. Users can then adapt it to their personal needs.
A perfect development environment for a PHP web developer.

Neeraj Joshi
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  • All components such as PHP,MySql and Apache get congigured automatically using a single WAMP Installer
  • Total Freeware
  • Very compact and quick in installation
  • Hardly 5 minutes)
  • Works smoothly even on low configuration Computer systems


  • None in particular
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